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Chris Gunkel

Forty years of experience in commercial graphics and fine art painting. Born into two generations of family members rooted in commercial printing, advertising and fine arts. During the early years of my life family and informal art training lead me to an education in the arts. I obtained a Bachelors degree in graphic art and a minor in photography. My professional career started in commercial graphic art studios and retail advertising. This background successfully lead me to over twenty years in business to business advertising.

Over the years I continuously expanded my skills and engaged in positions as art director, technical writer, advertising account executive, marketing and promotion consultant, partner, and president of several firms in Houston, Texas.

Parallel to commercial art, my fine art background includes extended education at Birmingham Art Association, Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, and Glassell Houston MFAH. Acrylic painting, mixed media and prints have been displayed and or procured in Detroit Michigan, Calgary Alberta, Houston Texas, New Orleans Louisiana and the Treasure Coast of Florida. Recently I have completed several wall murals on Hutchinson Island and I have a fine art studio in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Art Work

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