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Chris Gunkel

Christopher was born in Detroit, , Michigan, USA. Christopher is a second generation family member rooted into fine arts, printing and advertising.  During the early years of his life, family members provided art training along with public school education. He earned a Degree in Graphic Arts Design at Oakland Community College Michigan. He expanded his education at Eastern Michigan University, fine arts. He has also studied Intaglio printing at Glassell Houston MFAH.

A master fine art acrylic painter of murals, wall art, and mix media. Works have been displayed and procured in Michigan, Canada, Texas, Louisiana and Florida.  Christopher is a “One man show”, and has received Museum and gallery awards in Florida.  Internationally recognized and published since 2018, he is the recipient of 2021 International Art Olympic Award. Christopher is an active participant in public art programs, Indian River County, City of Fort Pierce, and Lindsay School of the Arts.

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